How and why Lacayo & Associates can help you in your legal services in general?

At L&A we have a good team of lawyers that guarantees the superior quality of our services in all our areas of practice. Our experts have the ability to understand them and give real and practical solutions to the tasks assigned.

We always provide our services meeting the highest quality standards and optimizing to the maximum the quotas of time necessary for its management.

List of Legal Services

Procedures for Corporate Services

Constitution of Corporations
Constitution of Private Foundations
Corporate Restructuring
Shareholder Rights, Relations and Dispute Resolution
Mergers & Acquisitions
Drafting of Commercial Contracts
Structuring of Commercial Operations
Insurance and Reinsurance
Energy and Hydroelectric
Affairs on the Environment

Procedures in Maritime Law

Ship & Yachts Registration
Naval Mortgages
Restructuring Maritime Companies
Arrest of ships, Precautionary measures and Maritime litigation

Lavor Law Services

We offer advice and guidance on all kinds of verbal or written consultations, in order to adapt and facilitate the management of labor relations between employee and employer; As well as represent the employer before any labor demand, statement of claims or collective agreement negotiation.

Procedures and Services in Labor Law

  • Application for work permit for foreigners.
  • Preparation of minutes of work contract.
  • Drafting minutes of termination of employment.
  • Drafting or review of dismissal letters
  • Calculation for settlement of the worker.
  • Assistance to individual conciliation of work.
  • Application, management and processing of the Rules of Procedure as amended.
  • Work permits for the company executives.
  • Response to lists of demands by application for Collective Agreements.

Services in Tax Law

The Tax or Tributary Law regulates the legal rules that allow a state to raise revenue for the nation by individuals.

Procedures and Services in Tax Law

  • Consultancy for optimal compliance with tax obligations.
  • Assistance in Tax return preparation
  • Assistance in tax planning.
  • Advising on the reorganization and tax planning structures.
  • Optimization of use applicable to tax incentives.
  • Filing of petitions for reconsideration, appeal and annulment against fiscal administrative acts.

Litigation Services

Our firm offers the legal expertise of its lawyers to represent them in court, judicial and administrative processes.

Procedures and Services in Litigation

  • Charges for enforcing payment.
  • Ordinary demands.
  • Representation in executives, summaries and declarative processes in civil proceedings.
  • Filing of extraordinary appeals.
  • Filing of applications for annulment and full jurisdiction.
  • Demands of unconstitutionality.

Services in Banking Law

In Lacayo & Asociados we provide legal advice to banks and their clients in developing their banking transactions. We help the preparation and drafting contracts and minutes.

Furthermore, we advise our clients interested in the Stock Exchange, the types of licenses that must obtain and which is more suitable for their purposes, depending mainly on the type of work that plan to do in the country.

Procedures and Services in Banking Law

  • Obtaining Banking License
  • Opening of bank accounts
  • Minutes lending and mortgage banking
  • Licenses to Operate at the Stock Exchange
  • Licenses for stockbroker

Legal Advisory Services

Lacayo & Asociados provides advice and guidance in your business, labor, governmental and civil relations so that, together with you we build a legal and judicial strategy with the aim to prevent and protect from possible inconvenience and safeguard your interests.

Consulting Specializing in the fields of:



Public Procurement Services

Our lawyers have participated in numerous public procurement processes, either from the point of view of state or managed on behalf of individuals, allowing them to acquire experience and capacity to provide legal support and guide your company.

Assistance and Services in Public Procurement

  • Meet the specifications to participate in tenders and contracts with the state
  • Filing of complaints, petitions and appeals
  • Procedures of the accounts with the state
  • Others

Service of Real State

Currently, Panama is going through a so-called "real estate boom" superior to any other country in the region since 2004 and has been growing over time.

There are multiple real estate megaprojects developed by domestic and foreign investors in our country because of various advantages offered by Panama.

Lacayo & Asociados has real estate consultants to help you find the best option for your business needs, investment or property.

Procedures and Services Real State

  • Promise of sale contracts.
  • Contracts of sale.
  • Mortgage contracts.
  • Additions to the horizontal property regime.
  • Representation of joint owners assemblies of the horizontal property.

Procedures and Services in Intellectual Property

  • Trademarks, Patents and Copyrights
  • Licensing
  • Application Support
  • Lawsuits by Oppositions
  • Drafting of Withdrawal Brand Use