Our Immigration Services

At Lacayo & Associates we can guide you in the process of obtaining the necessary permits and visas for the stay of foreigners in Panama. Our professionals are trained to provide them the best option, which will give you the benefits and opportunities that best suit their needs and immigration status within the Republic of Panama.

Visas and Residence Permits allow you to:

  • Work in Panama
  • Visit for Tourism
  • Transit through Panama for work
  • Live in Panama as a foreign investor
  • Visit (or live) in Panama for family reasons
  • Visit (or live) in Panama for educational purposes
  • Among other

Immigration Procedures and Services

Types of Visas

List of Visas that we process

  • Tourist Visa
  • Extension of Tourist Visa
  • Sailor Visa
  • Domestic Workers Visa
  • Short Stay Visa for Business
  • Short Stay Visa
  • Short Stay Visa to Visit Relatives
  • Short Stay Visa for the Banking Sector
  • Short Stay Visa for Medical Treatment
  • Short Stay Visa for Researchers and Scientists
  • Short Stay Visa for International Humanitarian Assistance
  • Short Stay Visa as Business people and investors
  • Visa for Passengers and Crew of Ships
  • Visa for Temporary Resident or Eventual Workers
  • Extension for Change of Immigration Category
  • Extension of Visa for Transit Passengers or Crew
Permanet Resident Permits

Types of Permanent Residence Permit

Economic reasons:

  • Forest Investor
  • Macro-Company Investor
  • For Real Estate Investment
  • For Opening a Time Deposit

Demographic Reasons:

  • Married to National
  • A noncitizen with Panamanian Children
  • Dependent Permanent Resident

Special Policies:

  • Retired Annuitant
  • Retired Pensioner
  • Investor of the Economic Area Panama Pacifico
  • Permanent Staff Hired by the Panama Canal Authority
Temporary Resident Permits

Types of Temporary Resident Permits

Labor reasons:

  • Hired by the National Government or NGOs
  • Hired by headquarters of multinational companies
  • Hired by companies under contract with the Government
  • Hired as Executive in companies in the Colon Free Zone
  • Hired by Private Companies within 10% of regular staff
  • Hired as Technical Expert or within 15% of specialized staff

Investment Reasons:

  • Agricultural Investor
  • Forest Investor

Other Reasons:

  • Special Policy
  • Reasons for Education
  • Religious Reasons
  • Family Reunification


Foreigners residing in Panama may apply for Panamanian nationality by naturalization after meeting the requirements of the Law. At L& A, we'll advise you with the naturalization process and the whole process involved.

We will help you with:

  • Applications for Naturalization.
  • Required powers.
  • Criminal History Record.
  • Certificates required.
  • Authentication of Documents.